Massive Boulle buffet, mid 19th century


All attributes of Monbrò George Alphonse Bonifacio.
Top quality woodwork from the 19th century. Rarely on the antiquarian market are items of such high quality and aesthetic value. The original top made of Alpin Vert de Mer marble. Some bronzes signed "bT". Marquetry made of stained red tortoise shell, engraved brass and tin plate.
Unfortunately, Monbro often did not sign his works.

Georges-Alphonse-Bonifacio Monbro, Paris 1807 - 1884; known as Monbro Aîné. Carpenter, antiquarian, merchant. Son of Georges-Bonifacio, a carpenter, he inherited his father's business, which under his influence became one of the most important in Europe. Around 1850 he also opened a branch in London.

He was engaged in conservation and production of furniture. He specialized in historical styles (Louis XIV, XV, XVI) with a liking for neo-renaissance style. His furniture was purchased by royal families to equip their residences.

The palace of Saint-Cloud and the castle of Fontainebleau are great examples of this.

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mid-19th century, 19th century

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Louis XIV


W 99, H 120, Gl 42