Boulle clock made by Charles Voisin (1685 - 1761).


Boulle clock made by Charles Voisin (1685 - 1761). The case, mechanism, console are all original. Very importantly, the mechanism is in 100% of the period. The pendulum suspension and escapement are original. Voisin is one of the most important watchmakers of the first half of the 18th century. It is quite likely that the cases and consoles were made by the Andre Charles Boulle workshop ( the marquetry is of the best quality) . Voisin made clocks for Louis XV, among others. Today his clocks are in the best museums around the world. The clock is topped with a bust of Minister Maximilien de Béthune de Sully. The total height is 130 cm.
The item is after professional restoration.

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Country of origin


Period of origin

18th century


Louis XIV