Empire style cabinet furniture set


Furniture made in the second half of the 19th century. Construction of furniture in oak and mahogany. Decorative hardware made of gilded bronze, very good quality. The set consists of a library cabinet, a desk and an armchair. Library with three doors, part of the middle truss of brass. Desk double-sided , decorative on four sides. On the sides additionally, pull-out auxiliary tops. Desk top covered with leather (leather should be replaced due to damage). Armchair of solid mahogany with preserved original thick leather on the seat. Very good state of preservation. The furniture requires cosmetic restoration-refreshing the polish and replacing the leather on the top.


Additional information

Period of origin

Second half of the 19th century

State of preservation


Country of origin





Library height 185 cm, width 150 cm, depth 45 cm
Desk height 75 cm, top of 145 x 75 cm.