Boulle clock, early 18th century, Terrier A Paris.


The clock is after professional restoration. The mechanism was made by David or Isaac Terrier (father and son). Indicatively, it was made around 1720. Both the console and the clock itself are original (not completed in later years), and this is evidenced by- the signing in many places ( about 20) of both the case and console with the letter "F" and the stamping of the bronze application with the letter "E". At this point we have not been able to determine the authors of the making of the bronze and the clock case. In the 19th century, in order to improve the punctuality of the mechanism, the method of suspending the pendulum was changed and the spindle catch was replaced with an anchor catch. The Parisian Terrier family of clockmakers was one of the most famous in France in its time. The clock has been preserved in excellent condition. All bronze, marquetry elements are from the period. The gilding by incandescent method on the bronzes is even perfectly preserved.

Dimensions: height with console 82 cm, width 35 cm, depth 14 cm.

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Early 18th century

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Louis XIV