Boulle cabinet 18th century, from the Louis XVI period


The cabinet was made in the 18th century using the Boulle technique during the reign of Louis XVI. We presume that the door panel is from an earlier period and was used by a restorer carpenter as part of this piece of furniture. This was a common method in France at various times. A great example of this is the Parisian artist Georges Alphonse Bonifacio Monbro, among others. A great example of Berain design, who used innovative decoration based on arabesques, created a new variety of decoration called berinades. The motifs used by Bérain are: satyrs, sphinxes, tritons, chimeras, griffins, but also characters from commedia dell'arte . The furniture has original bronze appliqués. The door panel was made at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. It has the attributes of Nicolas Sageot (1666-1731). All indications are that elements from an earlier period were used in this cabinet.


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Louis XIV


84 wide
Hight 99
gl 36