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What we offer


What we do:

Restoration and sale of antiques

When it comes to furniture, the only thing better than new is old.

Arminius Antique is a company dealing with professional furniture restoration. Our specialization is restoring old glamour to furniture made in Boulle technique. We rely on proven methods from hundreds of years ago as well as on the most modern achievements of technology. It is our passion.

In business since 1992.
We operate globally
About our services

We deliver the highest quality products to your door

We deliver antiques to our customers within 5 working days all over Europe without an external courier service. We can also easily deliver furniture to the United States, Russia and the Middle East.

In order to protect our customers' furniture, we organize transportation and careful packaging ourselves. Having our own logistics department we can guarantee that the furniture will reach you in perfect condition.


Door-to-door delivery in max 5 days


Number of countries served

Do you want to find the perfect antique for your new home?

Or maybe you are looking for a rare collector's item? Find the best antique for your needs and budget with our help.

Every antique is unique and valuable, but it is difficult to find one perfect antique to meet your needs. The search takes a lot of time, effort and resources. We offer a wide range of services, from searching for antiques on your behalf to negotiating with sellers and making the final purchase decision. We guarantee to find the perfect antique for your needs and budget.

We will keep looking until we find the one you are looking for.