About us

 Since 1992 we have been selling art. From the very beginning – it was a family business, and we quickly specialized in antique furniture. In 1994 we opened a workshop for the restoration of furniture, which operates to this day.
After years, our attention is stopped for furniture made in the art Boulle. Initially, we have not seen renovation, restoration of these objects, but once we have mastered this extremely difficult art, and now we can offer you a high level of it. The missing items are always complemented traditionally used in this type of furniture materials, namely brass, bronze, lacquer, tortoiseshell, ivory, shells of shellfish (oysters).

Tatsiana and Roman Bożko.

Now some historical information for people who have just started their adventure with furniture made in the technique of Boulle:

Boulle – furniture decorative style, named after the French artist Andre-Charles Boulle. André-Charles Boulle (11 November 1642 – 28 February 1732) was the French cabinetmaker who is generally considered to be the preeminent artist in the field of marquetry, even “the most remarkable of all French cabinetmakers.” His fame in marquetry led to his name being given to the fashion he perfected of inlaying brass and tortoiseshell, known as Boulle.

Boulle appears to have started out as a painter, since the first payment to him by the crown of which there is any record (1669) specifies ouvrages de peinture. He was employed for many years at Versailles, where the mirrored walls, the floors of wood mosaic, the inlaid paneling and the marquetery furniture in the Cabinet du Dauphin (1682–1686) were regarded as his most remarkable work. These rooms were dismantled in the 18th century and their outmoded contents dispersed, but an inventory of their ornamentation recently surfaced in the National Archives in Paris.

Technology decoration furniture fronts through the inlay has been known in the past (it is widely used by Dutch masters).

Furniture Boulle originally decorated chambers and halls of Versailles, and later his work became the property of the royal families of Spain and Germany. Today furniture by Boulle preserved in museums in Europe: Louvre, Versailles, Fontainebleau, Cluny (Paris).