Clock Boulle XIX-th century.

Clock Boulle XIX-th century. Made by the Parisian master Vincenti. The item is in good condition, there are cracks on the number 5, it has not been restored (only washed). This type of item is a rarity in the antique market. We can professionally restore the clock.

Table Louis XVI.

Table gilted has not yet been restored. Dimensions: 96 cм x  62 см x  84cm.  

Showcase Boulle mid XIX century.

The unique showcase Boulle made in England around 1860. Item bought in London.  This piece of furniture in the photos have not yet been restored. It preserved in very good condition. Very rare theme of marquetry.  The dimensions of it : 150 cm x 42 cm x 113 cm. In the nineteenth century, an intermediary […]

Showcase Boulle XIX century.

Antique furniture Boulle.  Showcase Boulle XIX-th century. Rare marquetry pattern.  Inside contains the shelf. Dimensians: 150cm x 42cm x  113сm. This piece of furniture is after professional restauration. .

Showcase Boulle mid XIX century.

Boulle showcase,      about 1850 year. The furniture is an example of French carpenter work. On the photo, case is before renovation. Bronzes and marquetry preserved to this day in 100% of all. Item only need to be cleaned and a slight freshen – up.  Dimensions: 132cmx42cmx117cm.  

Bedroom Boulle XIX century.

Sleeping set, end of XIX th century Rare sleeping set. Furniture made of mahogany, with plenty bronze  and silver inserts. Non restaurated, well preserved, ready to be used.